Trip Advisor Review Policy

I know from experience that it is not easy to persuade TripAdvisor to correct fake and inaccurate reviews promptly, regardless of the evidence and arguments you may have to support your case.

So I was not entirely surprised, when trying to answer another owner’s query about how to challenge fake reviews on TripAdvisor, to come across the following from Trip Advisor – a statement that even if the owner of a hotel etc. has documentary proof that a review is false, TripAdvisor will not take that into account.

Here’s the message you get if you challenge a review on the grounds that it is untrue:


How can you trust reviews when they take this attitude?

You would almost think that TripAdvisor was trying to dissuade owners from correcting fake and inaccurate reviews.

Instead they ought to pay attention to owners who have proof that a review is false or malicious.

Update: 8th February 2010

TA has changed the message, which now simply says that they won’t accept unsolicited evidence – they’ve taken out the most incriminating passage about not bothering to fact-check reviews, though I doubt whether they have actually changed in that respect!


4 responses to “Trip Advisor Review Policy

  1. I still feel the concept at the heart of TripAdvisor is a good one. There are scams out there ready to take holiday makers’s money off them, and there are some real hovels. And the internet makes some of these much easier to exist and persist.

    But as with many ideas, particularly those that loose their independence some where along the line (as TA have done) – the concept gets hijacked for the good of a few. TA are obviously onto a good thing, and they want to do as little to keep that little gravy train on the rails. So its the small outfits that loose out – just has been illustrated here before. And we can all be sure Phil’s experience is almost certainly replicated at very good places on TA around the world.

    Perhaps B&B’s, smaller family-run hotels, providers of self-catering and camping holidays should get together and write an open letter to TA. And get as many signatories as possible.

    As it is now quite clear TA is not an independent review company, but rather a compnay taht shows preferential treatment to a certain group of holiday/accommodation providers – their actions are not as immune from legal action as they once might have been. TA needs to know that action will be taken if they do not clean up their act.

    If not, they will continue …

    • I could not agree more. The concept Of Trip Advisor is excellent. If only the execution were better. More real commitment required instead of chasing the quick buck – otherwise they deserve to fail.

  2. No. I don’t. Though having been on the receiving end of their ‘policies’ I’m afraid it doesn’t surprise me.

    Why offer the tagline ‘Get the truth. Then go’, if you don’t verify what’s truth and what’s not?

    They’re heading for a fall. The sooner the better.

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