Get Paid for Fake TripAdvisor Reviews

Get Paid for Fake TripAdvisor Reviews

Recently I came across an “interesting” forum where owners are offering to pay TripAdvisor members to post reviews on TripAdvisor (click image for full size).

Paying For Fake Reviews on TripAdvisor

Paying For Fake Reviews on TripAdvisor

Basically, the TripAdvisor scammer provides the Trip Advisor member with the desired review text and a link to the hotel in question, and the member simply logs in to TripAdvisor and pastes the review with a 5-star rating. $10 for 5 minutes of their time – not bad.

Because TripAdvisor reviews are anonymous and there is no proof required that a reviewer has ever stayed at the place in question, fake reviews like these are unlikely to be detected by TripAdvisor. As the fakers mainly target existing TA members, the fake review will look just like the kind of review that TripAdvisor advocates say you should trust – one from somebody with a history of posting reviews on TripAdvisor.

This is not an isolated incident – within the owners community there are many stories exchanged of people paying or bribing guests to post glowing TripAdvisor reviews, or posting bad reviews about their competitors.

Trip Advisor’s “Owners Forum”, which is not open to general public, often has complaints from owners about fake reviews, both good and bad. But the Digital Point forum provides the most blatant examples I’ve seen yet of touting for positive reviews.

There are several people on the Digital Point forum apparently offering to pay – the following is another example.

Shaklebolt, the forum member shown in the following screenshot, has commented elsewhere that his Digital Point forum account was hacked by a competitor who then posted this offer to pay for reviews of his property – a form of sabotage in order to get his property reviews “red listed” by TripAdvisor.

That still brings the TripAdvisor system into question, regardless of who actually posted this offer to pay for reviews.

Another Example of Paying for Reviews

Another Example of Paying for Reviews


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