Trip Advisor Tips on Handling Hotel Reviews

Trip Advisor Tips on Handling Hotel Reviews

Trip Advisor tells owners how to react to criticism.

We strongly encourage hoteliers to address negative reviews. We often hear from travelers that how a property responds to criticism has more influence on their booking decision than the criticism itself. A management response is the hotelier’s opportunity to apologize and to let both that traveler – and all potential guests who are reading the reviews – know how they have remedied any problems. It’s an indication that an owner is invested in improving their establishment, and that they take customer service seriously.

April Robb, TripAdvisor

What Trip Advisor has to say is hardly earth-shattering – any owner worth their salt knows that (s)he should react positively to legitimate criticism, acknowledge shortcomings and take action where necessary.

So what a shame that Trip Advisor is guilty of ignoring its own advice:

  • Trip Advisor rarely responds to specific owner concerns, preferring instead to issue automated messages which frequently miss the point
  • Trip Advisor frequently censors and removes posts on its “Owners’ Forum” if someone dares to criticise Trip Advisor or mention its shortcomings
  • it does so without warning or explanation.

For as long as I can recall, owners have been complaining about how difficult it is to get a proper response from TA. Frequently all they get is a series of automated emails instead of a considered reply. This lack of communication continues to irritate and frustrate owners.

A TripAdvisor rep should be the last person to lecture owners on communication and how to react to legitimate criticism. It borders on corporate hypocrisy.
*Full article by Daniel Ward Craig


4 responses to “Trip Advisor Tips on Handling Hotel Reviews

  1. I wrote a very important review on EL Dorado Maroma it was everything we went through and it wasn’t shown. I felt it was too important not to put it out there so I did on 2-15-14. Now I hear you censor all negative reviews well that is a disappointment to find that out. It was my first review so I might of not done it correctly. Until I hear back and see my review than I also will think you don’t care about travelers only the resorts and people need to hear about trip advisor censoring!

    • Please contact me when my review will be on your site. My comments were all true and I have documents and pictures to back it up if needed. There was a lot more to our trip but I was trying to keep it brief.

  2. I watched Channel 4’s Trip Advisor and I saw a woman walk out while the B & B owner was trying to put his point of view. I thought that this was rude, even ignorant on her part. I think that the way Trip Advisors always exlect perferction is unrealist and there their reasons for this must be that their main interest is that it is an egotrip for them and that is why they are nitpicking. Not that there aren’t any bad places but Trip Advisors are over the top. Do their adverse reviews stay on line for ever? If so this is grossly unfair especially if they are trying to improve. It is tantamount to bullying.

    • Getting the reviewer and her friends back to the Old Forge was an interesting idea by the programme makers. The owners did themselves no favours by brow-beating and insulting the reviewer and friends both to their faces and off camera – and they didn’t even seem to realise they were doing it! They could have handled it better, though of course the programme could have been edited to give a certain impression. Several of the “trip advisors” came over as nut cases – particularly Rick with his inferiority complex, peeling skin and biro marks, vodka and lemonade issues etc. I think even his granny realises he’s nuts.

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