When Drunks Leave Reviews on TripAdvisor

When Drunks Leave Reviews on TripAdvisor

This looks bad for the hotel in question, whichever way you look at it, but also goes to show that a damning review is not always the fault of the hotel.

First of all, here’s a review of a Barcelona hotel on Trip Advisor – the title is “Horrible Place” and the hotel rating is “Terrible”:

I could not believe the way we were treated by the people at this place. I had slipped and fell in their restaurant and would not even look at me at if I did not sign their waiver. I just wanted a ride to the hospital but they wouldn’t even call me a cab unless I signed the waiver. When I got back things were worse. They were rude the food was awful and apparently the had a shortage of ice. No ice not even for my swollen leg.
My boyfriend had a few too many and fell off his chair and was knocked out. They carried him out to a lounge chair and came up to my room at 4:00 am banging on my door telling me that my boyfriend was on the beach drunk and being a loud mouth and had thrown up all over. This was not the truth. They stole his $ and camera from his zippered pocket.
If there is anyone out there that was there at the same time as we were I would greatly appreciate an email here. Or you can email me at metoo_53@hotmail.com.. Especially any one who witnessed me slipping in the large restaurant at breakfast time.

Sounds like a crap hotel?  But wait: look at the following snippet from a hilarious  “Reality Check” by someone who was in the hotel at the same time (click the quote to go to the original thread).

The man was so drunk that the bar stopped serving him. He actually went as far as taking half finished drinks off of empty tables and taking drinks out of people’s hands. When confronted he would get belligerent and start yelling and screaming. We eventually got the waste of skin calmed down enough to sit down on a stool…where he quickly passed out and threw up all over himself. We helped the staff get him in to a chair so he could be carried back up to his room where his GF was waiting. He was so fucked up that god only knows what he did with his money and camera. I would say that he probably left them as a tip at some point. I …attach a picture of the fine gentleman.

For good measure, here’s the boyfriend of the reviewer on the night in question:

When Drunks Complain

I wonder if TripAdvisor will be removing or adding a health warning to the review?


12 responses to “When Drunks Leave Reviews on TripAdvisor

  1. Treksavvy is a startup to watch out for. All their reviews are from locals and they say no paid reviews.

  2. TRIP ADVISOR SUCKS. They do this on purpose. They allow ANYONE I mean ANYONE to write a review and who knows even if that person was even there… OR if that person was a legit customer. I hope they go down as more legit apps for travel become available.

  3. What responsibilty do trip advisor take for these disgusting & misleading reviews? Absolutely none! They encourage idiots like this to slander hard working people so as to generate more traffic on their site. Its all about money for them….shame!

    • I can not agree more. I own a small lodging business and I was slandered over something small. Now trip advisor and flip key have been sending me mailings and calling me to pay for their services. Beware of this company. They are preying on idiots and I refuse to be one of them. Thank you for having this forum.

  4. It’s evident Trip Advisor picks and chooses reviews anyway according to some supposed standard of theirs. They certainly do not allow any comments to be made about them either; unless of course they’re positive. Ever seen one? The same with CERTAIN companies, they will have well written but negative reviews but are ALWAYS removed, yet, my experience was they were quite accurate and not offensive in the least. If the negatives had remained, I’d of spared myself patronizing the establsihment. Then again, it’s just the opposite for others companies. Obviously one of their review methods is “playing favorites”. I much prefer yelp nowadays because for the most part, people can speak their minds freely

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  6. You just could not make this up!

    • Crazy! I’m just so pleased that someone knew what really happened and posted it. If the hotel owner responds it’s easy for people to think “well you would say that” – that’s what I was told by so-called TA forum “experts” when I complained about fake reviews.

      Wonder what the odds were against the guy coming across the review and responding to it? Pretty bloody slim. So it’s likely that many reviewers slag hotels off for no good reason, but usually there’s no independent witness to set the record straight.

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