Is Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace Unbearable?

Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace is (surprise!) a collection of shops attached to the famous Las Vegas casino. It is so popular that it rates as a visitor attraction in its own right, ranked a none-too-shabby 73 out of 839 attractions in Vegas with an average 4 out of 5 star rating. Pretty good for a shopping centre!

But just to prove you can’t please all the people all the time, here’s a cautionary (2006) review from a San Diego TripAdvisor member.

So – if you, too, were going to Las Vegas to see the Bears at the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops – cancel your trip now.

Otherwise the disappointment might be too great to bear.


2 responses to “Is Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace Unbearable?

  1. One of my hotels once got a scathing review just because we didn’t have cookie jars in the rooms. Apparently, the two elderly female guests’ holidays were ruined because they had nowhere ‘proper’ to store their cookies.

    Subsequently, we saw a massive drop off in trade from cookie-loving tourists.

    1st paragraph – true
    2nd paragraph – false

    • That’s a dreadful oversight on your part, as the cookie tourists are a really important market. Good, chilled milk also essential. I got that tip from Andy Williams.

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