Couple ejected from hotel over TripAdvisor review

Blackpool Hotel Owner Ejects Guests over TripAdvisor Review

A couple claim to have been thrown out of an hotel after being accused of writing a bad TripAdvisor travel review.

Adrian Healey from Surrey had booked in to the Golden Beach Hotel in Blackpool.  But Mr Healey and his partner, Sherrie Andrews,  say they were asked to leave two days into their three night stay when the manager confronted them and accused them of  them of writing a bad review on the TripAdvisor website and called the police.

Mr Healey said: “I couldn’t believe it when we were asked to leave.

“We had been there a day when they said we couldn’t get back in our rooms because they were recarpeting, and we didn’t complain – all we asked was if we could have an extra towel.

“Then, on our second evening, he banged on the door and told us to get out, accusing us of writing a review on Trip Advisor, and said he would call the police.”

Here is the review that appears to be at the heart of the dispute

Blackpool Police confirmed they had been called to the hotel to remove a man who had not committed an offence. A spokesman said: “Police officers were called to the Golden Beach Hotel just before 8pm on Thursday.

“No offence had been committed by the couple, but the manager had requested them to leave the property. We advised the couple how to go about getting a refund. This is a civil matter.”

The couple left of their own volition.  Mr Healey said: “I was shocked when the police arrived, and we just agreed to leave. We asked for a refund but the hotel refused.   I think it is shocking and people need to know about this.”

On TripAdvisor  59% of reviewers give the Golden Beach hotel a thumbs down.  The hotel is listed with (motto “Wake Up Happy”) and, TripAdvisor affiliates.


2 responses to “Couple ejected from hotel over TripAdvisor review

  1. That’s ironic given that this is one case where it looks more like the owner was at fault! However, anything that exposes the faults and maybe leads to a change in attitude by TA to owners will be welcome.

  2. I’ve just been alerted that this case made its way onto Watchdog on BBC1, and my informer tells me that it got the point across that Owners are frustrated by both TA intransigence and TA inability to monitor the site for bogus and false reviews. Worth keeping tabs on where this goes as Watchdog rarely let go of a good bone . . .

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