Support for KwikChex vs. TripAdvisor Grows

KwikChex, the company that last month threatened a group “defamation action” against online review website TripAdvisor unless owners’ concerns about fake and malicious reviews were taken seriously, is reported to have received 800 new applications for its legal action from hotels, B&Bs etc.

Original KwikChex vs. TripAdvisor story September 2010:


One response to “Support for KwikChex vs. TripAdvisor Grows

  1. Dear Kwikchek
    I am a hotelier which has kept FIVE continious years of visitor book comments amounting to 222 comments and only one adverse comment.
    My hotel is AAA rated(All motoring bodies) as 4 star EVERY year since 2001 and the Global Financial Crisis has very limited effect. However 2 bad reviews (unsubstantiated lies) in May 2009 have nearly destroyed my business. My occupancy used to be in the 90 percentile and now we experience occupancy as low as 35%. We even have prime mister etc who have stayed here.
    Furthermore, Trip Advisor is sending me spam that cannot be removed despite their click here if you do not want spam. I have also received continiously spam solicitations to join trip advisor, which I contend is blackmail (be prepared for more lies unless you join!).
    Trip Advisor’s business model is reckless, dangerous & fundamentally flawed. Our positive vs negative visitor commens is 99.3% vs 0.70%. That is, bad comments is LESS THAN 1%. Yet based on the 2 reviews by Trip Advisor, we are 100% BAD, which are all bias, subjective lies.
    This irresponsible behaviour MUST BE STOPPED! Can an action be taken against them in USA not just for financial damages but also for PUNITIVE damages as this is the ONLY thing to get them to come to their senses. We are being persecuted like what they did in the McCarthysim era, in this day and age.
    Please advise what we can do to stop their flawed business model that is destroying time honoured methodologies such as the 4 star rating & being undermined by the Trip Advisor system that is subjective, bias & based on lies etc. Trip Advisor is causing our misery ( staff & flow-on businesses who have to put food on the table for their families, especially their children) & profiting from it through their prepetuated FRAUD & BLACKMAIL. Thank you for you kind assistance-Stephen Yong

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