Fake Tripadvisor Reviewers To Be “Named and Shamed”

Online Reviewers Told : “Remove Fake Reviews or Face Consequences”

Individuals who place fake, fraudulent reviews on TripAdvisor and other user-generated review sites are to be named and shamed.

Fake Reviewers Warned

Those who have posted fake accommodation reviews will be given two-weeks to remove them or face being exposed in public and subsequent legal action.

Kwikchex, the online reputation-management company, has announced that next month it will publish a list of “thousands” of reviewers it suspects of posting fraudulent and defamatory comments.

I’ll be interested to see what form the “Name and Shame” list of alleged fake reviewers takes – TripAdvisor reviewers are anonymous.

Read the full article in the Telegraph Online:

Fake Tripadvisor reviewers face legal action


4 responses to “Fake Tripadvisor Reviewers To Be “Named and Shamed”

  1. What the article doesn’t explain is how KwikChex is going to locate the users whom they suspect as writing the reviews. It’s not like TripAdvisor is going to freely hand over any information to them. So unless KwikChex is 100% sure of who the user is all they have is a username to send a message to through TripAdvisor’s messaging system. I also find it odd in the article that there is no mention of going after TripAdvisor as a whole (which is often mentioned as pending) and is now going after the individual user. Is that because Kwikchex has changed its strategy?

    • How they’re going to “name and shame” intrigues me, too, as I mentioned in my summary. Not even TripAdvisor knows the true identity of its reviewers (one of the factors that leave the system open to abuse).

  2. There are plenty of examples of Owners knowing the identity of the reviewer but unable to get TA to remove a fake review (competitor, disgruntled employee, non staying reviewer, regular mischief makers, owners etc). If these are published with TA pseudonym and real name attached it might just be the tip of the fraudulent iceberg that is exposed, but at least it sets the agenda.

    • That could be part of the solution as to how they’re going to “name and shame” . But that means the person who made the review must be known to the hotelier; so they still can’t identify reviews by people who never stayed, only reviews by those who stayed but for some reason decided to post untruths about the hotel.

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