TripAdvisor Reviews Are NOT Back!

TripAdvisor Reviews Are NOT All Back on Google Places!

SEO and Internet marketing commentators are suggesting that TripAdvisor reviews are back on Google Places and in general SERPS, and that this signals an end to the dispute between the two parties. 

However, this is NOT generally the case.  As I pointed out as far back as December 7th, days before these reports of “Google Reviews Returning” broke cover, some TripAdvisor reviews have persisted throughout the dispute, indicating that TA’s attempted block has never been 100% effective – Google has continued to scrape a number of reviews throughout. 

What has changed, is that more hotels/B&Bs have noticed a return of some of their reviews in Google Places results, perhaps indicating that Google is finding a partial work-around. 

But a search of “london hotels” shows that most have no TripAdvisor reviews on Google Places – only two out of the top ten at this time have any TA reviews on Places.

TripAdvisor Reviews have NOT returned

The same applies if you search for “Paris hotels” on Google Places France.  Only two out of the top ten Places listings for Paris hotels are showing any TripAdvisor reviews.

Paris Hotels - Only 2 have TA Reviews on Places


Until both parties announce a resolution and until there is a more general return of TripAdvisor reviews to Google Places, it seems hasty to conclude from this conflicting evidence that the dispute is over.


7 responses to “TripAdvisor Reviews Are NOT Back!

  1. I submitted a suggestion that Tripadvisor include the Genocide museum in Halabja, N Iraq. It is after all, a nationally important museum and memorial.

    I visted last year and was surprised it had no record on TA. It contains thousands of documents, photos, artefacts and installations of the Kurdish Genocide under Saddam and the Baath Party in Iraq.

    Tripadvisor have refused to list the museum – as it does not “meet their listing guidlines”. Funny that, they list a “Holocaust Museum” in Houston Texas and I was not previously aware of any death camps in Texas, USA.

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