TripAdvisor Back on Google Places

TripAdvisor Back on Google Places

Shortly before Christmas, TripAdvisor confirmed that its block on the use of their reviews by Google was continuing, despite media reports and rumours to the contrary.   A TripAdvisor spokesperson said in a statement to TNooz on December 14th last year:

Despite the rumours, we are continuing to restrict TripAdvisor content on Google Places as we don’t think it benefits users at this time with the experience of selecting the right hotel.

This confirmed our own findings and refuted some premature reports around that time that the dispute had been settled.

Searching Google at that time for “London hotels” and for “Paris Hotels” proved  that most hotels still had no TripAdvisor reviews on Google Places, with only two out of the top ten hotels showing any reviews in both search results.

However, the same searches on Google this week reveal that TripAdvisor reviews are back in full on Google Places results, although there has been no public announcement by either party that their dispute over the use of TripAdvisor reviews is actually settled.

TA Reviews back on Google Places - January 8th 2011

At present, and until a formal statement is issued by TripAdvisor, it is not possible to say whether this is because they have reached an amicable settlement, or Google has found a way around the TripAdvisor embargo, which was never 100% successful in any case, or because TripAdvisor has backed down over the issue.


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