TripAdvisor removes “murder” reviews

TripAdvisor Removes Legends “Murder” Reviews

TripAdvisor has removed at least 10 recent reviews about Legends, the five-star Mauritius resort where Michaela McAreavey was killed when she disturbed intruders in her room in early January.

Three members of Legends hotel staff have been arrested in connection with the killing and charged with her murder.

TripAdvisor has since taken down about a dozen reviews  which warned tourists to stay away from Legends because of the murder.  At time of writing, one review posted in support of the hotel which also refers to the murder obliquely has been allowed to remain.

The reviews that were posted then removed

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Legends room attendant Avinash Treebhoowoon, 29, and floor supervisor Sandip Moneea, 41, are accused of murdering the Irish language teacher, who was on honeymoon at the time.  Raj Theekoy, a 33-year-old room attendant, is charged with conspiracy to murder.  A stolen hotel room master key card was found in among the possessions of  Sandip Mooneea.


2 responses to “TripAdvisor removes “murder” reviews

  1. What happened as awful, tragic and ultimately a terrible waste of lives. However I can understand TripAdvisor pulling these reviews – at least the ones where people only signed up to vent their (rightful) anger at the hotel. The review by Edwin 71 should have been kept – at least he’d been there – for 5 days. That in itself was worth keeping as an honest review.
    His comments – apart from the tragedy are genuine I feel as an accommodation provider (one that also had problems with a slanderous review by someone who admitted he’s never been here) -I can use the kind of comments he made about service and wine menu and learn from such.
    What we can all learn from the Harte and McAreavey families is dignity and perseverance.
    Michaela RIP

    • I agree, it’s an awful, awful story. The TA aspect is pretty trivial in the overall scheme of things and I was in two minds whether to write about it, but I felt it would be wrong to deliberately ignore once the deleted reviews had been mentioned in the national press.

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