TripAdvisor Reviews – Cash Paid

TripAdvisor Pay-per-Review

Once again, the commercial potential for writing anonymous reviews is under the spotlight.  These invitations to tender to write reviews on TripAdvisor appeared on recently. NB the site in question has done nothing wrong in publishing these adverts.

This follows attempts by an individual to offer his services to hotels as an “insider” able to circumvent TripAdvisor’s checking procedures last October and a similar request for people to write reviews for money on a different website earlier last year .

Not exactly subtle, apart from the one that describes the job as “TripAdvisor SEO” aimed at “increasing rankings on TripAdvisor into the top 3”. Which is done by garnering high-rating reviews, of course. 🙂


2 responses to “TripAdvisor Reviews – Cash Paid

  1. Dear Phil,

    We have been working hard on a review site that is fair to businesses and customers for some time now. Here’s a hotel client’s page – – it would be good to get your feedback.



  2. Check as well.

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