NBC Today Programme Exposes Fake Reviews

Do Resorts Promise More Than They Deliver?

Excerpt from NBC Today programme exposé of hotel photo fakery and fake reviews.

Includes footage of self-proclaimed review faker “Billy”.

Click once to play – don’t click more or you’ll scoot to the next item!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Billy claims to have been posting fake reviews for years, boosting his own restaurant and blasting his competitors.

In reference to a longer interview with travel writer Edward Hasbrook, the clip also reports that Mr Hasbrook was present at a travel conference where one of the largest ad agencies claimed to have a division of workers ready to post fake reviews saying anything their clients paid them to say (for more by Mr Hasbrooksee http://bit.ly/fG5XJ6).

In response, TripAdvisor said its checking procedures were adequate.


6 responses to “NBC Today Programme Exposes Fake Reviews

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  2. Well…. according to the Federal Trade Commission fake reviews are illegal.
    Therefore if you know of fake reviews you should report every one of them to the Massachusetts Attorney Generals office.

    • There’s not a single instance of the FTC winning a successful case for fake reviews – I’m not sure they’ve ever even brought one.

      I know many fakes exist because I’ve seen them for local properties to us and reported them to TA. But apart from removing the reviews no action was taken, not even the so-called TA “red flag” sanction, never mind a legal case.

      Removing the obvious fakes without saying it’s been done only leaves the less obvioous ones behind to fool people. Perhaps TA is unwilling to admit the real extent of the problem, otherwise the site would be littered with red flags and it’s credibility with the general public, many of them unaware of the problem, would be shot.

      • TA spend much time and effort to keep the General Public unaware of what Owners see and know. I have a link from my business to TA Watch, and suggest we all do the same, thus circumventing the TA ‘Divide and Rule’ strategy by informing the ‘Travel Community’ of the reality of TA.

  3. Why am I not surprised? TA is a monster that hands power to the unscrupulous and the vindictive. The sooner they are closed down the better.

    • I suspect that TA won’t be closing down any time soon, but the way that its spokespeople trot out the same replies every time they come under scrutiny, without making any attempt to improve, does not inspire confidence.

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