TripAdvisor Creates New Position, Director of Customer Care

TripAdvisor Appoints Director of Customer Care

This month TripAdvisor announced the appointment of John Dila to the role of “TripAdvisor Director of Customer Care”. Commenting on his newly created position, Mr Dila said that while he has an eye on both TripAdvisor interest groups – travellers and business owners – his priority at the outset will be business owners.

In a TripAdvisor press release Mr Dila said:

The priority at the outset for the customer care team will be owners and one example of what we’ll be looking at is Management Responses. The benefits of Management Responses to building positive relations with guests and future guests are undeniable, but it can take a while for these to be posted. As such, this spring we’ll be looking at streamlining the Management Response system to make it quicker and easier for owners to post replies to reviews

We have to continually listen to members and owners and learn how they are experiencing us when it comes to customer service. That’s Part I. Part II is focusing on how we organize ourselves so that we can better serve the TripAdvisor community, owners and members alike – the way they need to be served.

Hotels are all about customer service. A Hotel has to deliver an experience where the customer feels safe and looked after. We want to create a similar atmosphere with our Customer Care experience.

In response to the suggestion that business owners see TripAdvisor processes being too weighted on the side of the consumer, Mr Dila replied:

We are in the early days of better serving owners. The key is to listen, and my team will attend events this year where owners meet and speak freely, and we’ll ask, “How are we doing?” and “Would you recommend this experience to others?” If the answer is no, we have to find out why and design a better experience. That kind of listening and acting engagement will be a major focus this year. Those are a few ways we will listen and work to change perceptions.

When asked to sum up his approach to customer service, Mr Dila said:

Listening, hearing, compassion, empathy, communicating and taking action.

Let’s hope Mr Dila wastes no time in implementing processes to answer increasing criticisms from owners and the press over the past year – particularly in regard to TripAdvisor not listening to owners and not responding appropriately to accusations of untruthful and misleading reviews.


7 responses to “TripAdvisor Creates New Position, Director of Customer Care

  1. NOTHING has changed at Tripadvisor. I can’t get positive articles about my place, from legitimate publications, posted when I submit them, but they won’t consider taking even the most obviously faked bad reviews down.

  2. I just want a way of communication with TA.

  3. There is no way I can find of communicating with TripAdvisor except by snail mail…this is unacceptable for busy business owneres. I have questions as a new business subscriber but can find no one to ask. Help!! CM

  4. Good news.. Let’s hope that Mr. Dila gives Inns and B&B’s decent exposure on the landing pages as a “A Better way to Stay” hospitality option….and in my case, accord the 3 stars that AAA inspection has has awarded my historic property for the past 12 years. That is the highest rating AAA gives without having a restaurant on the property and providing elevators & handicapped facilities which is not a possibility for many B&B’s.
    Inspected B&B’s are the “cream” of the lodging industry as wellas the best in value received! Ask anyone who has stayed in one. Perhaps Expedia, & their other “big” reservation directory partners might follow suit in considering that inspected privately owned and operated B&B’s and Inn’s unquestionably are the flagship as the best the lodging industry has to offer in true and personally delivered Hospitality.

  5. I for one will not be holding my breath. I did fill out a customer service survey. No response to that LOL. They asked how can we make or site better? I said remove my company from it, so I’m not tainted by association.

  6. And about time – there are scurrilous remarks being made about people that by their own admission hadn’t been to a premises and yet it took 4 months and endless emails to get the comment taken down. That leaves a sour taste.

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