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Earn Money Writing TripAdvisor Reviews

Earn Money Writing TripAdvisor Reviews

No, I’m not seriously suggesting you should do this – but some people do!¬† If you look on freelance work sites (where people advertise jobs and services) you’re likely to come across hotels requesting tenders to write fake reviews on TripAdvisor.

I’ve come across numerous examples of people touting to write fake TripAdvisor reviews, but never seen one where the owner gives away himself and the identity of his hotel.

Until now.


The owner has had plenty of offers from people who claim to have experience of writing fake reviews for other hotels on TripAdvisor:

Here is the¬†owner’s hotel on TripAdvisor:

At present, it has had 14 reviews in total, all posted in the past 8 weeks. Probably not all fakes but the fact that the hotel openly touts for people to write reviews and TA either knows nothing about it, or does nothing about it, makes a mockery out of the slogan “Reviews you can trust”.

The latest review is from a person from Boston with bad grasp of English. Their TripAdvisor credentials, as well as the weight accorded to their review by TA, are boosted by their having written a review for a place in Boston at around the same time they wrote the review for this hotel.

It’ll be interesting to see if it continues to climb up the ratings on TripAdvisor. Doubtless if challenged, the owner will claim it was a competitor who posted the advert. That’s what the last person exposed here claimed.