Attack of the TripAdvisors on Channel 4

Attack of the TripAdvisors on C4

Last night saw the airing in the UK of a programme which brought “keen” Trip Advisor reviewers and hotel/restaurant B&B owners together to air their views to camera and to each other.

Undoubtedly the programme was edited to make it more “interesting” but heavens, what a grotesque bunch of “trip advisors” with at least one strange owner for good measure!

Before he has another heart attack I hope Colin at the Old Forge can chill a bit instead of further winding up himself and his wife over dodgy reviews. Getting one reviewer and her friends back to the Old Forge was a good idea by the programme makers, but the owners shot themselves in the foot by brow-beating and insulting them and they didn’t even realise they were doing it – or maybe it was down to “clever” editing.

I thought Bev and her family at the Hollies in St Ives came over well – just a shame she doesn’t change her loo brushes more often.  I see she’s decided to put the Hollies up for sale, according to the C4 programme makers. I thought John the self-proclaimed drama queen who reviewed the Hollies proved he is indeed a drama queen with his ridiculous fuss over the timer on the ventilation fan – even his partner didn’t seem to think it was an issue.

Rick the reviewer with his inferiority complex, “skin scabs”, biro marking and vodka and lemonade complaint came over as a crackpot whose own granny thinks he’s making up for being bullied at school.  I hope marking bedroom sheets with biro to check if they are changed daily does not become common practice after this programme!

Meanwhile I guess that the producers were disappointed in Stu.bec and the Eltermere Inn owner – despite the eccentricity of the inn, and differences in taste, they couldn’t get a proper argument out of them as they mainly seemed to agree!


6 responses to “Attack of the TripAdvisors on Channel 4

  1. What puzzled me was that the Old Forge has almost entirely excellent reviews except for the one in question, which has a very high number of ‘found usefuls’. Occurs to me that the reviewer, her mates and the review were a plant to make the programme work. Sure Colin is a character and struggled with the cameras there. To make the programme they would have had to performed for the camera – and that is not easy, unless you break down in tears – well done Bev, you were the star of the programme. You showed just how these unscrupulous persons try to ruin the lives and health of others for no reasons other than their ability to stay anonymous and their warped desire to bully.

    • The thought that the reviewer could be a plant hadn’t occured to me. However she has been posting as CatDee since 2008 so I suspect she was only “planted” in the same way as all the others – i.e. that the programme makers approached them and coached them in a certain way, urged and coaxed them down a certain path to create confrontation. There’s an awful lot left on the virtual cutting room floor!

  2. Rick the ‘reviewer’ and the rest of them are just socially inadequate no-marks who get their kicks by dishing out vitriol. Sad sad people. The woman with her two sidekicks who played the big shots at the Old Forge were revolting. The owners of the B&Bs and hotels came out of the programme well – the ‘reviewers’ showed themselves as pathetic no-hopers who live off the buzz of being ‘important’.

    • I also thought the owners came out pretty well, though of course the programme makers could have given the final cut any slant they wanted. Nice to see the owners not painted as the “baddies” but I’m not sure the Old Forge came out as well as the others.

  3. we were rather horrified with the reviewers…but The Old Forge I’m afraid is not on our lists of places we must eat at!

    But does emphasise the horrors of the reviewers on TripAdvisor … the mature student we were shocked at the state of his house (it was all marked on the walls & looked in a pretty bad state), then to have the brass neck to go and ‘review’ a place wheresomeone has obviously made an effort…OK some of the paintings not my cup of tea & I didn’t get the Tiger!

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