TripAdvisor Owners Helpline?

TripAdvisor Owners Helpline – Does it Help?

Caterer & Hotelkeeper and Kwikchex announced recently that TripAdvisor has launched a customer support telephone number for  registered owners and managers.

Hotel, B&B and restaurant reviewers have frequently criticised TripAdvisor for the difficulty they have contacting the company in the event of  malicious or fake reviews – is this a sign that they are doing something positive to help?

Unfortunately, early feedback indicates that the “helpline” staff refuse to deal with complaints about reviews.  According to Kwikchex a typical response to an owner calling them concerning reviews has been, “He advised me that the line was not for complaints about reviews, there was another department but that he could not put me through to anyone.”

The explanation may be that the UK telehone numbers provided for the supposed ‘helpline’ are actually the existing numbers for TripAdvisor’s Business Listings team.  

The telephone numbers in question have only ever been for contacting the business listings team, to ask about buying a business listing or to answer queries about business listings . They have never offered general support.  If this has changed, maybe someone at TripAdvisor ought to tell the people answering the phones about it!

Just in case, for any owner who want to give it a go and contact TripAdvisor on this number, the UK contact details are as follows:

9:30 AM – 5:00 PM EST
0800-098-8460 (Toll-Free)
+44 (0) 203 318 5019


33 responses to “TripAdvisor Owners Helpline?

  1. Follow this link to claim your listing on TripAdvisor. Please note this site is not a TripAdvisor helpline – contact TripAdvisor if you need more help.

  2. Sir , i didn’t provide any email or contact details on my listing and how i manage my listing
    I want to provide my contact details to my hotel listing. And i cant claim my business
    Please help….

  3. Good day.

    Our business listing is without a photo. How can I add a photo?

  4. I have two properties I would like to advertise on TripAdvisor how do I proceed. At the moment we advertise on and on

  5. I want to write a review from my android smartphone without using the app.

    Why isn’t it giving me this option?

    Please help

  6. All trip advisor is, is a site that scalps hotel rooms instead of event tickets.
    They get rooms for what the hotel would originally charge, sell it to you for that plus their “fee”. No real additional benefits from using TripAdvisor that you can’t get free other places.

  7. Philip DiGiulio

    I am an owner and need to speak to a real live person adout an issue with my listing. Please call me asap at 610-742-9751

  8. No one answers any phone calls. Please close my account 8585261. I did this once long ago. Do not renew.

  9. Adele Northrup

    yeah! I found the customer service number answered by a live person.
    877-354-7539 Have your property ID ready.
    I learned there is no more free business listing. It’s now “free to list” and you pay 3% when some one books your place through TripAdvisor.. If you take your property off line and then put it back online, which I did, I had to fill out some new information but they still had my photos and basic information. I put my property back on line when I realized if I completely cancelled, I could not come back and all my reviews wpuld be erased as well.
    I have recently learned that I need guest reviews on Google Travel to boost my web presence.

  10. Steve Mikulski

    Hi, can someone please explain the Wildwood NJ trip advisor restaurant site. I own the Key West Cafe in Wildwood. We have stellar reviews close to 400 of them. Our listing is number 8. Many others who are 1-7 have a lesser rating and are ranked higher. Also, why is little Italy listed under Wildwood vs Wildwood crest….

    My email address is NJSTEVESKI@AOL.COM, or I can be reached via telephone 732.233.2827. I’ve been advised via hotels that they pay a fee so they can have a better rating class.. if this is the case, trip advisor shouldn’t even exist.

    Thanks for letting me vent, please advise asap

    Steve Mikulski

  11. Anonymous, Auckland

    I can’t log in to my TA account as the “I am not a Robot” Captcha isn’t working and just goes in circles. You need to log in to contact TA technical support but I can’t log in.

  12. Help Line, What help line? i can’t find a way of contacting TripAdvisor. Even as bad as Home Away/VRBO is, you can still contact customer support by phone or email. I tried to us the “Owner Forum”. The 1st time I used it, my key board got locked up so I couldn’t submit it. I tried again & it said I had to specify the forum & choose a country most of which I never heard of. I am in the U.S., but couldn’t find that listed, so I couldn’t submit my comments.

    I own 2 cabins in Pigeon Forge TN & pay the maximum rate to list my properties, but if I don’t use any filters, they are shown so far down in the listings that no one will ever see them. If I put in the appropriate filters, my properties don’t show up at all. What a waste of money.

  13. Please tell me how can I mark the dates in my calendar,because the sistem is marked wrong dates.Guests did not reservated that dates,Thank you.

  14. I have contacted trip adviser as an owner about how they have advertised my property in their searches. I run a bed and breakfast house and yet they describe it as a self catering cottage. This is misleading for guests because when they arrive here they are so disappointed when they realise that it was wrongly advertised and not what they paid for.
    I now advise would be guests that it is B&B only and I have lost numerous customers. I am very disappointed with Trip Adviser who ignore my requests to change the discription of my property in their searches. This amounts to false advertising.
    Patrick O’Shea. 309853.

  15. The flavors restaurant

    I have account tripadvoiser under restaurant categery in sri lanka Tissamaharama city some thing wrong i have three accounts now the flavors rdtaurat i want operat one account other two account i want delede ,how i do this one my account profile picture is one guest take lunch this account i want keep it.

  16. Why are my reviews not being published?

  17. I am Gary patel at Howard JOhnson inn 81 commerce Blvd. Midway florida 32343 ..our question is that..only on Trip Advisor we have the rate of $51.75 (stay 4 nights and save 25% ) our rack rates are $69.00, our guest are booking this unqualified rates for 1 night instead of $62.10 rate.. please check into this since this is raising the rate parity issue with other 3rd parties.

  18. Having problem go to my site. Want to add photos and change my price. Please contact me assp. Thanks Ron Sayles

  19. Hi

    I am an owner abd I want to tell you that when I receive mails from tripadvisor I cant answer
    Because it says there is nothing to my inbox.i have tried many times to connect with trip advisor but I had not results.hope to help me
    Kind regards

  20. I did my vn flight booking via your my trip and now wanna refund my return sector for my mum booking but until today no one reply me back. Few email I send out. Due to my mum need rush back home by direct flight coz my brother wife in pregnancy with 2daughter got influenze high fever. I wanna know how much refund I can get back after penalty from your company.. Hope can reply me soon.. Thanks

  21. I own a rental property in turkey which I listed almost a week ago, and it is still not on the trip advisor site. So I called the number provided and selected the options given for property owners. When I finally got through, I was told I needed to be transferred to another department. I was on hold for 25 minutes although I was apparently it in the cue and remained on hold until my phone credit cut out as I am calling thE trip advisor uk number from abroad. Thanks for wasting my time and money trip advisor. This is the sort of reason why people will go to your competitors

  22. My business, City Coffeehouse & Creperie in St. Louis, MO. or Clayton, MO. should be listed under Restaurants and it’s not. It’s only listed under Waffle and Crepes and we are so much more. I need for my business to be listed under Restaurant. Please let me know whom I should contact.

    Thank you.
    Ann Gallardo

  23. Need help/support to remove hotel on Tripadvisor profile photo in order to replace with new photo image. Please assist.

  24. After many exchanged email and guidelines i have been able to go into my page and improved my listing as it relates to the map ,my phone # ,and email .i then submitted and they said thank you .but it is now 10 days i it does not reflect the changes

    Kennedy jawahir
    Kennedy tours

  25. Hi on trip advisor our pub ye olde white horse in spalding lincolnshire has the incorrect number could you please vhange it to 01775 766740

    Thank you

  26. Sir,
    I already list on trip advisor as Experts Desert Safari, Jaisalmer India.
    My address is wrong show on your site, pls update right address.
    Address Information:
    Gadisar Road, Near Circle street, village Sam
    Contact information:

  27. I have a problem with my TA, i can’t edit my account ( edit my profil, picture, etc ) there is a order to contact this number. Can you fix it my TA please..
    My regards


  28. Our rating in TripAdvisor was 20 and get 6 comment excellent ..and naw we are 37 rating we must after excellent coment we should be 10 or 11 ……plz help us. ….
    Best regards
    Mohammeh Masadeh

  29. I wrote a review on trip advisor after a terrible experience in a b&b last easter Saturday night, things have escalated since then as we were billed for the whole stay even though we did not stay as it was not fit for purpose. The local tourism board are not acting on it so we are going the legal route, is there anything trip advisor could advise us to do?? Thanks Cecelia

  30. Two cottages were booked last sept. Had to be cancelled thru ill health.Eventually stayed March this year. Money had been payed last year. Reviews were written. YOU have deemed them,( for whatever reason) not be be put forward, either for me to propose, or for you, to decide you may choose not to put it in!! How dare you. You have overstepped the mark. I could ask the tenants to repeat reviews, but why should I have to bother them again. Please get these reviews thru to me and on my web site a.s.a.p/ . I notice, if they are bad ones, they get thru OK. My holiday lettings nos. are 20903/4. Mrs Avril Collins. I expect a reply/confirmation. Thank you.PS. To telephone you, costs around £3!!!!! to complain!

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