TripAdvisor Owners Helpline?

TripAdvisor Owners Helpline – Does it Help?

Caterer & Hotelkeeper and Kwikchex announced recently that TripAdvisor has launched a customer support telephone number for  registered owners and managers.

Hotel, B&B and restaurant reviewers have frequently criticised TripAdvisor for the difficulty they have contacting the company in the event of  malicious or fake reviews – is this a sign that they are doing something positive to help?

Unfortunately, early feedback indicates that the “helpline” staff refuse to deal with complaints about reviews.  According to Kwikchex a typical response to an owner calling them concerning reviews has been, “He advised me that the line was not for complaints about reviews, there was another department but that he could not put me through to anyone.”

The explanation may be that the UK telehone numbers provided for the supposed ‘helpline’ are actually the existing numbers for TripAdvisor’s Business Listings team.  

The telephone numbers in question have only ever been for contacting the business listings team, to ask about buying a business listing or to answer queries about business listings . They have never offered general support.  If this has changed, maybe someone at TripAdvisor ought to tell the people answering the phones about it!

Just in case, for any owner who want to give it a go and contact TripAdvisor on this number, the UK contact details are as follows:

9:30 AM – 5:00 PM EST
0800-098-8460 (Toll-Free)
+44 (0) 203 318 5019


5 responses to “TripAdvisor Owners Helpline?

  1. I have a problem with my TA, i can’t edit my account ( edit my profil, picture, etc ) there is a order to contact this number. Can you fix it my TA please..
    My regards


  2. Our rating in TripAdvisor was 20 and get 6 comment excellent ..and naw we are 37 rating we must after excellent coment we should be 10 or 11 ……plz help us. ….
    Best regards
    Mohammeh Masadeh

  3. I wrote a review on trip advisor after a terrible experience in a b&b last easter Saturday night, things have escalated since then as we were billed for the whole stay even though we did not stay as it was not fit for purpose. The local tourism board are not acting on it so we are going the legal route, is there anything trip advisor could advise us to do?? Thanks Cecelia

  4. Two cottages were booked last sept. Had to be cancelled thru ill health.Eventually stayed March this year. Money had been payed last year. Reviews were written. YOU have deemed them,( for whatever reason) not be be put forward, either for me to propose, or for you, to decide you may choose not to put it in!! How dare you. You have overstepped the mark. I could ask the tenants to repeat reviews, but why should I have to bother them again. Please get these reviews thru to me and on my web site a.s.a.p/ . I notice, if they are bad ones, they get thru OK. My holiday lettings nos. are 20903/4. Mrs Avril Collins. I expect a reply/confirmation. Thank you.PS. To telephone you, costs around £3!!!!! to complain!

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