TripAdvisor Partners with Toprural, Interhome, Stayz and AKENA

TripAdvisor Partners with Toprural, Interhome, Stayz and AKENA

TripAdvisor has announced partnership deals with vacation rental websites  Interhome, Stayz, Toprural and AKENA Technologies which operates

TripAdvisor’s existing rental property inventory includes subsidiaries FlipKey and Holiday Lettings. Since Holiday Lettings was acquired by TripAdvisor in 2010, owners already listed on the site have expressed concern that Holiday Lettings began displaying TripAdvisor reviews without consulting with them first.

With its new partners TripAdvisor’s vacation rental empire will exceed 200,000 properties.

“We are thrilled to partner with these leading vacation rental sites, as each brings exceptional properties and a tremendous amount of local market expertise to the TripAdvisor community. Our goal is to offer travelers the best listings from partners who know the locations best,” said Christine Petersen, president of TripAdvisor for Business. “Our partnership with these global brands demonstrates our belief and commitment to vacation rentals as an important accommodation option for travelers, and we’re looking to partner with elite vacation rental companies worldwide with the aim of enhancing the traveler experience.”

However, the use of anonymous reviews on websites is currently under challenge in the UK where the use of unverified reviews for marketing purposes appears to be in breach of the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) non-broadcast code, which states that marketers must be able to show a review is authentic by proving it was made by an identifiable and potentially contactable person.

About TripAdvisor’s new Partners


Toprural has one of the largest rural vacation rental databases in Europe and is the leading rural tourism site in Spain.  Toprural has over 50,000 accommodation offers in 10 European countries.  TopRural already allows users of its sites to post reviews without verifying the identity of the reviewer or whether they stayed at the rental in question.


Swiss based Interhome includes 32,000 holiday apartments, homes and chalets in 29 countries worldwide.

Stayz Group

The Stayz Group is the largest holiday rental group in Australia, with 40,000 property listings in 1,400 locations


AKENA Technologies, based in France, owns several vacation rental websites, including (France), (Italy), (Spain), (Netherlands) and (Portugal).

AKENA also operates ski websites such as (UK), (France), (Italy) and (Spain).


8 responses to “TripAdvisor Partners with Toprural, Interhome, Stayz and AKENA

  1. Kevin & Tess Hunneybell

    I have seen that Tripadvisor algorithm for ranking also includes news articles and other review sites.

    Anyone know which ones? Would be good ammunition for the lesser funded businesses.

    Kevin and Tess hunneybell

    • As the ranking algorithm is automated, I think the only outside sources it might use (and I do not believe it does) would be reviews posted via Expedia/TA sites like LV, etc. It don’t see how it could possibly include news articles.

  2. Hi Phil as you are a TripAdvisor expert and know a lot about reviews sites in general I was wondering what you make of this article on Technorati: Have you heard of HolidayCheck before?

    • I’ve never heard of them but if what they say in their press release is true then it looks like a better system. I’ll be having a look at their site in more detail to see what is listed and whether there are any snags. At first sight their coverage looks okay for, say, London but thin and patchy for less popular/touristy destinations; but everyone has to begin somewhere so fingers crossed that it grows, as some credible competition may be what is needed to shake TA out of its complacency. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. I paid to advertise 4 properties on Holiday lettings and rely on this as my main form of advertising. Holiday Lettings I understand has recently been purchased by Trip Advisor. Without asking my permission as an existing advertiser Trip advisor linked itself with my flats. In October we had a couple that came to stay for 4 nights. They had paid for the stay 2 months in advance. After the first night they decided they didn’t want to continue their stay and claimed they had booked another hotel 10 miles away. They threatened us that is we didn’t return all their money they would put a bad review on Trip Advisor. Of course we did not give them the money as this is our income. One month later the most defamatory review imaginable appeared on the page. I told Holiday liettings 1. I had never agreed to their deal with Trip Advisor and had paid prior to knowing Trip advisor would be linked to them and 2. the review was the result of a blackmail threat. This is our only review on the page. Since this no bookings have been made. We have lost any revenue from the let. If any other holiday lettings advertisers have had similar issues I would like to hear from them

  4. Hi Phil,
    As an “Owner” I recently joined trip advisor with a degree of niavety and the with a lust for logo’s! After watching the C4 “attack of the trip advisors” decided I to leave TA. I applied to do this only to be told by TA that I simply couldn’t, I was pretty shocked by this arrogance. Can I pursue this with data protection or do you have any ideas on how to delist?

    • Sorry, Ronan, you can’t ‘delist’ from TripAdvisor. Many properties are on there who never asked in the first place – they were put there by reviewers, and there are thousands of properties listed who are not even aware of it. There’s no way a property can delist unless the business has closed.


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