TripAdvisor Acquires Holiday Watchdog Review Site

TripAdvisor Acquires Holiday Watchdog Review Site

TripAdvisor today announced it has acquired Holiday Watchdog,, another user-generated travel site in the U.K.

“Holiday Watchdog nicely complements existing content in the TripAdvisor Media Network,” said TripAdvisor CEO Steve Kaufer. “The acquisition is designed to strengthen TripAdvisor’s position as the predominant travel planning resource and adds another strong brand to the TripAdvisor Media Network, a collection of travel media sites.”

Holiday Watchdog will be operated out of TripAdvisor’s London office and there are no near-term plans for integration of content with other TripAdvisor® Media Network sites. The founders of Holiday Watchdog will work through a transition period but have chosen not to stay with TripAdvisor long-term. Terms of the acquisition are not being disclosed.

TripAdvisor claims that Holiday Watchdog will continue to be operated as an independent site.  However, TripAdvisor has  a history of quashing potential competitors before they become a real threat to its virtual monopoly.  Remember TravelLibrary?  Probably not, but it was a user-generated review site competing with TA in the early days, running neck-and-neck for reviews in many markets, until TA bought it and effectively smothered it.  Its review content these days is almost all copied over from TripAdvisor and its previously active “Review” community has largely drifted away.


3 responses to “TripAdvisor Acquires Holiday Watchdog Review Site

  1. I think that trip advisor must find some way to get only real reviews otherwise it may kill some small bussineses

  2. If I have got this right, Expedia cut TA free to do their own thing. Expedia immediately announces that they will only have genuine reviews from those that book through them, to ensure a better quality of review. The less than hidden agenda has to be that Expedia have dumped anonymous and fake reviews.
    TA has just lost some (most?) of their remaining credibility, as by definition all the genuine Expedia reviews will not be on TA, so TA response is to buy some more review power so they can limp along in the anonymous and fake review market, ably assisted by their chosen PR agency known for creating fake content. . . .
    Plus ca change, rien ca change – Happy New Year!

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