#Hotels Opt for Verified Reviews

More of the world’s biggest hotel companies are adding customer reviews to their own websites but the majority are opting for verified reviews rather than incorporating TripAdvisor reviews.

Starwood, Marriott and Four Seasons have all launched customer reviews on their websites since October 2011 and others are planning to do the same.

Hilton Worldwide will add customer reviews by the end of this year, according to Chuck Sullivan, senior vice president of global online services.

Holiday Inn parent, InterContinental Hotels Group, will test “verified customer reviews on all of our consumer-facing websites early this year,” states Michael Menis, IHG marketing vice president.

Radisson parent, Carlson, is evaluating options for customer reviews on its brand websites, spokeswoman Joan Cronson says.

Hilton hasn’t decided whether to let customers post reviews on its website, similar to Starwood and Marriott, or to incorporate them from a third party site like TripAdvisor, which is what Four Seasons has chosen to do.

Other hotels are of the opinion that customers will put more faith in reviews where it is certain that the writer has actually stayed at the hotel in question — unlike the reviews on TripAdvisor, which cannot be verified.

TripAdvisor has come under increasing criticism during the last two years, with numerous accusations that reviews have been be faked by owners, or written with malicious intent, or posted by a competitor out to damage the reputation of another hotel.


5 responses to “#Hotels Opt for Verified Reviews

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  2. This approach makes a lot of sense. Whilst we focus on vacation rentals in Thailand rather than hotels, we seek direct feedback from guests booking in any of our recommended properties, as we’d rather be getting the reviews “from the horse’s mouth.” If more than one poor review is received, we remove the listing: simple!

  3. Nice post. Our company provides a similar service for hotels and other businesses.

  4. Thanks, Robin. I’m in favour of verified and reasonable reviews, good or bad!


  5. Thanks for a very interesting post. This is exactly what we do at HelpHound – credible, verified reviews, on the hotel’s own website (with a mechanism to resolve issues from ‘not so happy’ guests before they post. We are currently in discussions with at least two of the groups mentioned in this article – if any of your readers would like more info, just go to helphound.biz.

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