Controversial Quicky Ratings Reinstated by TripAdvisor

Controversial Rating System Reinstated by TripAdvisor

Back at the beginning of March I reported that TripAdvisor had withdrawn a controversial “quicky” rating system that allowed people to rate hotels and restaurants without leaving a review or a comment.  This made it easier for anyone to rate dozens of places they had never visited in seconds just by clicking a list of suggested places.

TripAdvisor’s Controversial “one click” Ratings System

As an example of the abuse this encouraged, Will83 had contributed only three “regular” reviews since January 2008, but suddenly almost 560 ratings appeared under this profile in a matter of days – the biggest influx of new ratings by the user appearing on Christmas Day 2011.

On TripAdvisor’s public forum over hundreds of messages of protest were made in a few days.  On the Owners’ forum, hidden from and not accessible to the public, the furore was even greater.

Under this barrage of criticism, the review giant today finally caved in dropped the new ratings without explanation.

I’m sorry to report that TripAdvisor has now reinstated the “quicky” ratings.


2 responses to “Controversial Quicky Ratings Reinstated by TripAdvisor

  1. Please let me know how to canenct with TripAdvisor my travel company

  2. Peter O'Connor

    What an idiotic retrograde decision to make. This opens us all to abuse from idiots.

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