TripAdvisor promises more visibility for villages – maybe?

TripAdvisor changes give more visibility for villages – or do they?

The Tripadvisor4Biz blog recently said that businesses in small villages that are related to nearby towns can also appear under the town, if they can provide proof that the village is recognised as part of the municipality.

Where a small village is commonly recognized as belonging to a larger municipality with a distinct name, the businesses in that small village may appear in search results for both (a) the small village and (b) the larger municipality.

If your business is located in a small town or village that belongs to a larger, better known city or municipality, you may contact TripAdvisor through your Management Center to request that we update your location to reflect this. You must provide TripAdvisor with proof of location: a copy of your business license or tax bill, or a link to a page on your local tourist board’s website that recognizes your smaller location as part of the larger location.

However, the person dealing with locations at TA appeared unaware of this when I contacted TripAdvisor via our Management Centre with the proof outlined in the blog.  Instead of accepting or explaining why our request was refused, she gave the same old reply about listings having to appear under their exact location.


Thank you for contacting TripAdvisor.

In order to provide the most accurate information possible to travelers, we strive to list all of our accommodations, restaurants and attractions in the actual physical footprint, so we cannot move any listings to a different town than where they are physically located.

Additionally, it is our policy to place a listing in the most specific destination possible.

As your property is not actually located in Alencon, I’m sorry but we can’t place your listing there.

You can read more about our location policy here:

Our managers have been working on ways to better show “nearby” accommodations.  A recent implementation shows “Recommended nearby hotels and B&Bs” when a location has fewer than 10 hotels or B&Bs.

Example:  There is one hotel and one B&B listed in Holywell, Wales.

Beneath those listings you’ll now see a map, then “Recommended nearby hotels and B&Bs”, which include listings in the surrounding area.  There is also now a “Nearby Cities” selector at the top of the page so that users can select specific nearby locations from a list (Axton, Caerwys, Carmel, etc.)

Additional features are being considered for possible future implementation.

Best regards,


TripAdvisor Listing Support

I replied to her message two days ago asking for clarification about the change announced on the blog and once more including both our business certificate for the town concerned and links showing that rentals and B&Bs in our village are included under the town Tourist Office website, but got no reply.

I’ve also posted a comment on the TripAdvisor4Biz blog to ask for clarification and got no reply.

I’ve also posted on TA’s Facebook Page and got no reply.

It may be that this particular request was refused for legitimate reasons not explained in the blog article – because the proofs were inadequate or because the village/town relationship failed some other criteria – but in that case could not someone at TripAdvisor explain and why did the person dealing appear ignorant of the changes?


5 responses to “TripAdvisor promises more visibility for villages – maybe?

  1. Rather than moving individual businesses from their small villages into the nearby big town the new system is intended to combine the listings of the nearby villages with the town.
    For example if you look at the restaurant listings for Exeter, England you will see that the number 1 rated restaurant is actually in Topsham rather than Exeter.

    The Galley, Topsham
    Ranked #1 of 283 in Exeter
    Ranked #1 of 10 in Topsham

    I don’t know how you persuade TA to include your village with the local town.

    However this change has caused a bug in TA’s map view. If you attempt to zoom in on the map on the Restaurant page to see a specific area all of the city centre restaurants disappear from the map. Great for those in outlying areas but not so good for those in the centre! 🙂 This bug was reported to TA 9 months ago and still hasn’t been fixed.

    The only restaurants shown in the centre of Exeter are those whose map pins are wildly incorrect and are actually located on Dartmoor or in Teignmouth. TA users have no easy way of getting such errors corrected

    Yet another TA bug causes TA to think that dozens of towns and villages are located miles from their true positions – TA has about 30 towns located under a single tree just outside Chard.

  2. The “bigger” area (Lovina, Bali) which most businesses are listed in near us, is a made up name that does not appear on any official documents. However, it is what most people would search for when looking for a place to stay. Unfortunately we are not listed under that name. It would be impossible for *any* business currently in that category to prove that they are actually located in that area, let alone a business like us, who would like to also appear in that location. I wrote about it on the owner’s forum and sent an email but still yet to get any response. If TA implement this kind of change, surely *every* business should need to prove that they are located in the area they are actually in.

  3. Well, I’ll let you know if complaining does anything, Steve!

    Finally got a response on the FB page :
    “Hi – Thanks for your comment, and sorry for any confusion. Would you be able to either email, including the details of your geographical location, or fill out the “Change Business location” form in the Management Center? Someone on the team should then be able to help. Thanks!”

    I wonder, how many times will have to explain that it’s NOT about changing location, and that they’ve already been emailed explaining exactly what it IS about, before it finally sinks in? LOL!

  4. Don’t hold your breath for TA to figure out nearby town when the ‘Nearby hotel’ brings up places over 3 hours drive away and misses over 50% of the places within 30 minutes, including those they have also listed separately!
    Imho it has more to do with how much you pay (or how much you complain?) . . .

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