#TripAdvisor #Travel #Fail

TripAdvisor Geography Failure

If you’re planning a trip to France using TripAdvisor (or anywhere else, for that matter) just beware – geography is clearly not their strong point.

I was browsing the department of the Sarthe in France – home to the famous Le Mans 24 Hours race each June – and I noticed that TripAdvisor had helpfully suggested some nearby “popular destinations near the Sarthe” that I presumably might want to consider visiting if I were going to the Sarthe.

TripAdvisor – Popular Places near the Sarthe

Fortunately, I know the region but just in case anyone doesn’t, here is a map of France showing where TripAdvisor’s idea of popular destinations near the Sarthe actually are (in red) and where the Sarthe is (in green).

TripAdvisor - Popular Places near the Sarthe

TripAdvisor – Popular Places near the Sarthe

Thanks, TripAdvisor!  But we regret to inform you that we won’t be taking up your suggestions 🙂


One response to “#TripAdvisor #Travel #Fail

  1. I am seriously disappointed with trip adviser. To review places to eat, drink and visit have become my hobby and I like to give a very accurate account of everywhere I have been trying to look at positives wherever and pointing out pitfalls etc, so people can make judgement calls. this site has continually failed to post my reviews, it has posted 17 but seems not to like a good and detailed review. It wont tell you this but will only inform you that your review falls under the criteria which they wont post. I have found this diabolical when I have seen establishments been slaughtered and when I have visited it has been exactly the opposite. I have reviewed 26 times and only 17 have been published

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