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Steve Kaufer of TripAdvisor is inviting people to pose questions via Twitter regarding his dispute with Google Places.


All you have to do is log on to Twitter and add the hashtags #AskSteve

Here are the questions I have posed:

I agree Google should not pimp Places, but why should Google cache TA reviews yet not display them? #AskSteve

Why should we believe that TA has consumer interests at heart and not its own interests #AskSteve


I have very little time for Google Places in its present guise – it is unstable and not reliable. Google is pimping Google Places in search results for their own financial ends, not for the benefit of the consumer. If the consumer prefers to search Google Maps/Places he has always had that option – there is no reason to shove Google Places down our throats whether we want it or not.

It is rich for Mr Kaufer to want Google to cache his site content (which is not generated by TA but by third party reviewers) in order to promote his own site’s position in the search results, but not to show those same reviews in Google Places results. He is no more thinking of the consumer than is the search engine giant – it’s all about chasing the buck.

One is as bad as the other.  What do you think?