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Missing – The TripAdvisor Reviews That Never Appear

TripAdvisor Reviews That Never Appear

There must be hundreds of complaints on the TripAdvisor Owners Forum from hotel and B&B owners complaining about genuine guest reviews that never appear, though a guest has  told them they have posted it –  this has happened to me at least twice and I only have a total of 40 reviews so I guess it’s a common problem.

Recently (following a rash of reviews disappearing – a separate issue of which more another time) I noticed this suggestion on the Owners Forum.

TripAdvisor staff reaction to this was to say that it was a good idea but that the suggestion was posted in the wrong part of the forum.  I guess that means they’ll just ignore it.

Where reviews fail to appear, the usual excuse given by TripAdvisor (though they rarely bother to reply to these complaints at all)  is that the guest must have failed to respond to an email from TripAdvisor requesting them to verify that the review is theirs.   They claim this is part of their “checking procedure”.  Bizarrely, this email asking the reviewer to confirm their review is NOT triggered by any sort of irregularity concerning the review – TripAdvisor send out these requests at random, for no particular  reason, and it is not triggered by the review being disputed or looking fake. Where’s the sense in that?

I can see at least 2 reasons why this will result in proper, genuine reviews not being published while doing nothing to stop fakes.

Firstly, the TA email may end up in the reviewer’s junk and never be seen by the reviewer.

Secondly, a lot of people create a new secondary email to use when posting the review because they want to avoid spam (not saying TA creates spam but some people do have this fear), but may never go back and check that account again – so they won’t see if TA emails them.

Random checking for no good reason does nothing to stop fake reviews.  Anyone who wants to fiddle their own listing or hurt someone with a malicious review would know to monitor their junk and their secondary email account for email from TA.

It’s the innocent individual who writes a real review who will probably not bother to check for emails from TripAdvisor, but that does not make their review any less valid.

This random checking therefore does nothing to stop fakes and serves only to delete genuine reviews in error.