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GUESTSCAN – “unwanted guest” database or unwanted “guest database”?

GUESTSCAN  – “unwanted guest” database or unwanted “guest database”?

A British entrepreneur has set up a website which he says is aimed at protecting small hotels from “nightmare guests“.

Guestscan.co.uk has been developed over the last 2 years by Neil Campbell, but has only been operating for about a week.

Mr Campbell said it had taken almost two years to ensure the website complied with the Data Protection Act and any potential litigation that could ensue.

His idea is that owners share information about dodgy guests via the Guestscan website.  According to the Guestscan website nobody can view the database, but members are able to check if a specific person is on the list. Where a person appears on the database full details will be supplied to the member. It’s then up to the member to decide whether or not to take the booking.

There are several categories of behaviour that Guestscan says will qualify for a guest to be reported to the database; these specifically include:

  • Non-payment
  • Damage to property
  • Abusive behaviour towards staff
  • Abusive behaviour towards other guests
  • Excessive noise
  • Extra unauthorised guests
  • Theft
  • Fraud

Guestscan claims that every report of  guest misbehaviour is checked by them before being added to the database.

To comply with the Data Protection Act, guests must be informed if they are reported to the database.  If the member does not do this  themselves then Guestscan.inc will do so.  Part of the membership conditions includes a condition that members must indemnify Guestscan for the consequences of malicious reporting.

On the front page of the Guestscan website are what appear to be endorsements David Weston of the Bed & Breakfast Association, and Martin Sachs of the English Association of Self Catering Operators.

Putting aside what the service costs, is THERE REALLY ANY NEED FOR SOMETHING LIKE THIS?