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Idiots on TripAdvisor

Idiots on TripAdvisor

Further proof that TripAdvisor staff and policies are just as stupid as some of their reviewers.

Here’s a “Terrible” review for “Le Tasting Room Wine Tours” – a company that specialises in taking people on wine tours in the Loire Valley.  http://bit.ly/MroElK

Although TripAdvisor groups this tour company under “wineries” anyone who takes five seconds to read the company description will realise immediately that it is a wine tour company, not a winery or vineyard. “1-3 day Loire wine tours led by experienced English trade professionals.  Discover the diversity of Loire valley wines, visit wineries and vineyards… ”  The classification as a winery is a vagary of TripAdvisor, not the tour company’s fault.

“Le Tasting Room WINE TOURS” – the clue is in the name!

However, this reviewer decided that Le Tasting Room is actually a winery and set off to find out where their “vineyard” was located using a GPS – they didn’t bother trying to telephone or email, just drove around the French countryside looking for a non-existent vineyard.

Then when they couldn’t find a vineyard (surprise, surprise) they wrote a snotty TripAdvisor review in order to ruin an otherwise perfect review record for the hapless tour company.

To make matters even worse, TripAdvisor’s ludicrous response to this when the owner points out the reviewer’s mistake is to say that the review must stand because “The reviewer is entitled to their opinion”.

What a farce.  Can anyone give TripAdvisor an injection of common sense and fairness, please?