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TripAdvisor – Pay Per Review

Thank you to @forfeng (Heather Turner of Forfeng Designs) for bringing trip-advisor-secret.com and trip-ranking.com to our attention via Twitter. (Note: these sites have now closed).

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These sites begin by offering a free “insider report” on how TripAdvisor works.  The site says that the authors are “a team of hotel marketing experts” and the sales pitch is signed by “JC – TripAdvisor ex-employee” who says:

Once you get our Free Report you will understand…

  • The TripAdvisor Philosophy – You need to really understand the problem behind the values and marketing strategies behind TripAdvisor, to understand the real risks of bad reviews in this site.
  • The TripAdvisor Secrets – how does TripAdvisor really makes money and why they don’t want you to know how they rank hotels.
  • The Fake Review Algorithm – How does TripAdvisor detects fake algorithms and how can you skip their detection system. In a few words… how you can play with the system!
  • The Ranking Algorithm – how does TripAdvisor really ranks businesses and who you can improve your ranking by fooling the algorithm
  • How to Rank higher than ever – We reveal what TripAdvisor doesn’t want you to know!

However, it does not stop there.  This is a preamble to an offer to put FOUR REVIEWS EVERY MONTH on TripAdvisor website on your behalf in return for payment.

Here’s how the websites say their scam works (the spelling mistakes/typos are original) :

How much does this cost and how many reviews do I get per month?

Trip-Ranking costs $67 US per month and you get each month 4 reviews

What Type of reviews do I get?

For obvious reasons you get Great Reviews. Not stupidly written reviews but instead smart, poisitive

How can you guarantee TripAdivsor will not detect these reviews?

Mainly because the users we use to post the reviews, have been created a long time ago. Many of our users are REAL users, they have posted dozen of posts in TripAdvisor therefore escape from the TripAdvisor false review algorithm

How long will it take me to increase my TripAdvisor Ranking?

It all dpeends on the area you are located. If you are a hotel In New York your competition is bigger than if you are a B&B in Ibiza!

Can I submit my own reviews for your team to post them?

Sure you can! once you subscribe you will get out contact details and our subscription form.  The more information you send us about your business, the better!

How long will this service be open to the tourism industry?
We are limiting our service only to 100 hotels. Once we achieve that number of clients we will close our service to the public.

So for just you can start taking control of your TripAdvisor image.

Sounds pricy, but perhaps there are dodgy owners out there who will think it’s worth cheating the TripAdvisor system – one of the major flaws being that it’s impossible for TripAdvisor to tell a well constructed fake from a genuine review.

EDIT: The  downloadable pdf file from the site describes both TA’s review checking system and its ranking algorithm largely as  I understand TA to work, so I believe what they claim to be able to do is possible.  That DOES NOT mean I approve of what’s being proposed.

See “comments” for more discussion.

UPDATE: As of 20th October 2010 both sites have been taken down.  Thanks to Mathew (see comments) for that information.


Get Paid for Fake TripAdvisor Reviews

Get Paid for Fake TripAdvisor Reviews

Recently I came across an “interesting” forum where owners are offering to pay TripAdvisor members to post reviews on TripAdvisor (click image for full size).

Paying For Fake Reviews on TripAdvisor

Paying For Fake Reviews on TripAdvisor

Basically, the TripAdvisor scammer provides the Trip Advisor member with the desired review text and a link to the hotel in question, and the member simply logs in to TripAdvisor and pastes the review with a 5-star rating. $10 for 5 minutes of their time – not bad.

Because TripAdvisor reviews are anonymous and there is no proof required that a reviewer has ever stayed at the place in question, fake reviews like these are unlikely to be detected by TripAdvisor. As the fakers mainly target existing TA members, the fake review will look just like the kind of review that TripAdvisor advocates say you should trust – one from somebody with a history of posting reviews on TripAdvisor.

This is not an isolated incident – within the owners community there are many stories exchanged of people paying or bribing guests to post glowing TripAdvisor reviews, or posting bad reviews about their competitors.

Trip Advisor’s “Owners Forum”, which is not open to general public, often has complaints from owners about fake reviews, both good and bad. But the Digital Point forum provides the most blatant examples I’ve seen yet of touting for positive reviews.

There are several people on the Digital Point forum apparently offering to pay – the following is another example.

Shaklebolt, the forum member shown in the following screenshot, has commented elsewhere that his Digital Point forum account was hacked by a competitor who then posted this offer to pay for reviews of his property – a form of sabotage in order to get his property reviews “red listed” by TripAdvisor.

That still brings the TripAdvisor system into question, regardless of who actually posted this offer to pay for reviews.

Another Example of Paying for Reviews

Another Example of Paying for Reviews