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Daily Telegraph: TripAdvisor Reviews – Can We Trust Them?

Telegraph Article on TripAdvisor By Charles Starmer-Smith

Log on to (TripAdvisor’s) website and type the words “racist” or “racism” into the search engine and you might be surprised by what you find: together they crop up more than 2,300 times in reviews. “Pervert/perverted” features in 353 reviews, “homophobic/homophobia” in 295, “rapist” in 33, and “paedophile” in 10. Often these defamatory terms are used to describe hotel or restaurant staff, b&b owners, waiters and receptionists.

“There is a real risk of getting raped here,” wrote one reviewer of a hotel in Munich; “the proprietor “is one of the worst paedophile priests”, said another of a guesthouse in Scotland; “the woman that runs this bar is a racist – fact!”

Can we be sure that these reviews really are the “truth”?

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