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More Fun on TripAdvisor’s Facebook Page

TripAdvisor on Facebook

TripAdvisor on Facebook loves posting photos and asking questions the answers to which it then ignores – it’s a good filler that takes very little effort on their part.

In general the answers are tripe, but once in a while you get a little gem like this one from Arnold Layne 🙂


TripAdvisor on Facebook

TripAdvisor on Facebook

Despite not really caring about the great, unwashed travelling public and not wanting to interact with them, TripAdvisor has thrust its fat corporate finger into “social media” via Twitter and Facebook and posts a never-ending stream of pictures inviting comments.  And of course, it gets replies in their hundreds, mostly from morons who don’t realise that nobody at TripAdvisor is ever going to read or react to what they post.

However, there is an upside to TripAdvisor’s transparently non-social use of Facebook and patent lack of engagement.

Occasionally they post a picture which allows us to have a little fun at TripAdvisor’s expense, knowing that they’ll never read it.  Here’s one recent example:

Having Fun with TripAdvisor on Facebook