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2010 Webby Award Results

The top awards for GUIDES/RATINGS/REVIEWS both went to CBS Interactive sites – Metacritic won the Webby Award and CNET.com the People’s Choice Award.

There were no awards for Fizziology, Yelp or TripAdvisor.


2010 Webby Awards for Review Sites

I was looking at the excellent tourism and accommodation blog http://www.giteblogger.com today and the latest post there reminded me of something I’d been meaning to mention – TripAdvisor is up for a Webby in the category for “Guides/Ratings/Reviews“.

Here’s Bob’s article on the subject: Trip Advisor up for a Webby Award? I don’t think so….

Others in the category include Yelp, CNet, Fizziology and Metacritic.  TripAdvisor last won a Webby back in 2006 in the category “Community – People’s Voice” but a lot has changed since then.

The results are out on May the 4th – we’ll see how things pan out then (almost as exciting as the UK General Election – yawn).